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ParityNews.com is an online destination for pervasive, intrinsic and transparent information, which caters to appetite of every tech-savvy reader through content which is assimilated from various resources.

ParityNews reports the latest in Science and Technology news, analysis, reviews and lot more. At ParityNews.com we know how much technology matters and understand the need for keeping pace with rapidly changing IT technologies. Owned and operated by Parity Media Private Limited, ParityNews.com brings to you news from the IT technology spectrum by gathering, analyzing and presenting only the important news without you having to waste your precious internet time. You can get in touch with us here.



Ravi Mandalia, Editor

Founder – ParityNews.com, Editor – Everything Technology.

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Vinay MandaliaVinay Mandalia, Editor

Business, Enterprise and Corporate news editor.

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Mittal MandaliaMittal Mandalia, Contributor

Social Networking, Web and Internet contributor.

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AbhishekAbhishek Gohel, Contributor

Abhishek eats, drinks and sleeps gadgets.

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megha 200x200Megha Kedia, Contributor

Contributes business, internet, software & gadget news.

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Expert Contributors

Ed JonesEdward Jones, Contributor

Microsoft Technologies Expert

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Gary Fildes

Gary Fildes, Contributor

Microsoft Technologies Expert

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Past Contributors


GailGail Tongco, Contributor

Miss Gail is from from the beautiful islands of the Philippines. She had acquired a Bachelor’s Degree on International Studies on Xavier University. She is very interested in the recent trends in technology. Gail is an experienced news writer with over 4 years of experience.

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Ahmed Humayun, Contributor

Ahmed is a medical student but his love for the gadgets has forced him to dedicate his free time to technology. He has been writing news for about 6 years now for leading tech blogs and sites. He loves to try out every new gadget he gets his hands on. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are his area of interest and he keeps a strict eye on all the happenings in the technology world.

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pufutsxChris, Contributor

Chris has been writing about tech for quite a few years now and says that, ever since he was a child, he was interested by all sorts of gadgets, giving some false hopes to his parents regarding becoming an engineer. He also considers himself as being a very funny and spontaneous guy, saying he’d love to have a friend exactly like him, but he kinda lacks humbleness. So much for being perfect, eh ?

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