New report suggests video-streaming site Youtube is keen in rolling out subscription services for its users.

According to a report coming from the Verge, citing multiple resources, YouTube is soon going to adopt a paid subscription model, offering users ad-free videos, offline and premium content.

Youtube had launched a beta version of paid subscription service dubbed Music Key last year in November. The service was launched on an invite only basis.

The paid service offered users ad-free music, offline access to music videos and the ability to play Youtube videos even in the background, while using other applications on mobile.

As per the report, the Google-owned video streaming service is expected to roll out Music Key as well as another unnamed service targeting YouTube’s premium content creators, which will come with a paywall, before the end of 2015.

The unnamed premium subscription service will provide ad-free videos, premium content which would be hidden from free users.

The Music Key beta is currently free but will cost $7.99 per month when it launches. It’s still unclear how that paywall will work or how much it will cost viewers.

The report indicates that the YouTube team is currently in the final stages of finalizing the subscription based model for their 1 billion+ monthly users.

Currently, information on which top YouTube creators will take part in the subscription service is completely unknown.

ParityNews will keep you updated with the story as more details come in.