Internet users will agree that auto-playing media are quite annoying. It’s pretty frustrating when a video or ad on a website starts playing automatically and you have to just stop what you’re doing and roll over to that particular noisy tab to shut up the video. Fortunately, Google now has a solution to the problem.

Now, Google’s web browser Chrome will automatically prevent any audio from auto playing until that tab is explicitly brought to the foreground.

The update was detailed by Chrome team member François Beaufort on Google+.

Beaufort noted that Google Chrome will now defer playback of autoplay media until the tab is foregrounded in the latest Dev Channel.

He added that now there will be no more “Where’s that sound coming from?” moments when an ad for instance decides to autoplay in a tab the user has specifically opened in the background. Resources will still be preloaded if indicated but Chrome will delay the start of playback until the user actually visits the tab.

Beaufort said that the feature will not only make for a more enjoyable browsing experience, but it will also conserve power.

Currently, the feature is only available in the latest Chrome Dev build. The Dev build of Chrome can be downloaded from Google’s website.