Angry Birds developer, Rovio, has announced a major job cut which will see the game maker layoff 260 employees from its current workforce of 670 people.

The Finnish gaming firm announced the layoff in a press release on Wednesday. The job cut will reportedly affect the whole organization, except teams working on the Angry Birds Movie in the United States and Canada, expected for release in May 2016.

Announcing the job cut in a statement, Rovio CEO Pekka Rental said that Rovio’s new game Angry Birds 2 has been downloaded nearly 50 million times across the platforms it’s available on, including iOS and Android, since its July 30 launch, but the company needs to be “leaner and more agile” to ensure it succeeds in its aim to be the world’s leading mobile games maker.

He said the years of success had given the company “exceptional” eagerness to explore new businesses but that ultimately “we did too many things”.

Rental noted that in the company’s current financial condition, it must now put focus on where it is best at- in creating magnificent gaming experiences, in producing an amazing animation movie and in delighting fans with great products.

Last year, Rovio’s total revenue dropped 9 percent to 158 million euros, while operating profit slipped 73 percent to 10 million euros.