Sanford Wallace, also referred to as the “Spam King,” has pleaded guilty of sending over 27 million spam messages to Facebook users.

Wallace, who was released on bond on Monday, faces a possible three-year jail sentence and a $250,000 fine when he is sentenced in December.

It was in 2008 and 2009 when Sanford allegedly gained access to over 500,000 Facebook accounts and used them to send over 27 million messages to friends of the hacked victims. The ‘phishing’ messages included links that would encourage users to hand over passwords and personal details or send them to websites that would pay Wallace for driving traffic.

Later in 2009, Facebook sued Sanford and got a court injunction that banned him from accessing the social networking site, being also ordered to pay $711 million / €619 million in civil damages. But, the ‘Spam King’ quickly breached that order. Sanford was later arrested in August 2011 in Las Vegas.

Wallace, during a hearing on Monday, finally admitted his guilt and pleaded guilty to fraud and criminal contempt charges. He also admitted that he violated a court order to not access the social network.

According to a statement from the district attorney, the charges against Wallace included fraud and criminal contempt in connection with misusing electronic mail.

His sentencing has been scheduled for December 7.