A UK based company, Intelligent Energy, has developed a new type of smartphone battery that runs on hydrogen and could keep an iPhone charged for over a week.

The prototype made by the company has been designed for the iPhone 6 and combines hydrogen and oxygen in a super-thin fuel cell to generate electricity. The prototype looks almost identical to the original handset, the only difference is the addition of extra vents at its rear, which are designed to allow the heat and water vapour by-products to escape.

Intelligent Energy says the prototype hydrogen cell could be charged using an adapted headphone socket. The company is also currently working on a commercial prototype of the hydrogen-powered battery that could feature a cartridge that slots into the bottom of the device to power the battery for a week. The cartridge will be disposed of once it gets used up.

The company believes that the technology could be rolled out commercially within two years.

There are even reports which suggest that the company has been working closely with Apple in order to develop the battery technology. However, the Cupertino is yet to respond to a request for comment.