[September 19 07:12 GMT] Find the LinuxCon & CloudOpen North America 2013 – Shiny New Toys keynote (below):

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Eben Upton, during a keynote at LinuxCon and CloudOpen, demonstrated Weston running native Wayland apps on the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation and Upton personally are working hard with partners to implement Wayland on Raspberry Pi and Upton is optimistic of releasing Raspberry Pi preview with Wayland support in the next few weeks. Upton also revealed that the Foundation is targeting to ship boards with Wayland support by end of this year.

Upton has dubbed Wayland compositor as “the future of Linux desktop graphics”, and desktops including Gnome and KDE are expected to be ported to Wayland soon.

The Foundation has been actively involved in different projects and Wayland support is just one of the several ones which the Foundation is investing in. According to reports, over a million units of the Raspberry Pi have already been shipped and thousands are getting shipped every day.

The credit card sized computer has amassed a huge following from seasoned and first-time developers alike. Students, developers and researcher community have managed to build hundreds of gadgets ranging from CCTVs to weather balloons to motion sensors to even supercomputers. Upon said during the keynote that the open source community has been submitting “really high quality” patches to the Raspberry Pi software.

Developer community for Raspberry Pi is growing at a tremendous rate and small businesses selling Raspberry Pi solutions have already come up in multiple countries. Upton noted that this was just a beginning for low-cost Linux-based computers and that more was to follow – specifically in developing countries like Africa.