As an extension to its Windows Azure Research Program, Microsoft has started offering free technical training classes to researchers to educate them on how Windows Azure can help in boosting up their research work.

The first training has already begun yesterday at the University of Washington, in Seattle. The free classes will be followed by courses and subsequent events scheduled to be held in Brazil, China, Campinas and Beijing in October. You can find the full schedule here.

According to Microsoft the training will be beneficial for “active scientists who are interested in coding in a modern computing context, as well as for computer scientists who are working with such researchers”. Researchers are required to know how to code, but they don’t require to learn a specific language

Microsoft claims that Windows Azure caters to research requirements of scientist across the globe because it dubs its platform as a cloud platform that supports any framework, tool or language. Microsoft notes that once researchers have attended the technical workshop, they will feel confident in integrating cloud computing with their research work.

Trainers specializing in Microsoft Azure for Research will present the two day course. The course attendees during the training will be allowed to access Windows Azure on their laptops and for up to six months after the training for evaluation purposes. Windows Azure is easily accessible through the internet browser, so it is not necessary for the attendees to have Windows operating system installed in their laptops.

Around 25 training classes have been scheduled to be held at China, Switzerland, France, Japan, Korea, Israel and the UK. Microsoft has revealed that it is looking at more regions to extend this free training.