Linus Torvalds has released Linux 3.12-rc1 marking the first major development in over two weeks for the forthcoming successor of Linux 3.11 kernel.

Announcing the closure of Linux 3.12 merge window, Torvalds noted that the window was fairly normal. Dissecting the updates he noted that 73 percent of them are related to drivers, 12 percent related to architecture updates, and 6 percent updates are related to file-systems. The remaining, Torvalds notes, fall under misc category.

Emphasizing on some of the merges, Torvalds notes that he liked “scalability improvements that got merged this time around.” Torvalds also makes a note about tty layer locking getting resolved, and work on dentry refcount scalability. However, all in all, the release announcement can be dubbed ‘boring’ as it doesn’t really dwell into the entire feature set of Linux 3.12 and we recommend you to go ahead and read our Linux 3.12 features for more information.

Linux 3.12 comes with lots of open-source graphics driver improvements as well as continued evolution of various Linux file-systems along with a whole lot of work on ARM and above all addition, updates and changes to hardware drivers. Some of the noteworthy features of Linux 3.12 are support for zRAM, AMD Berlin APU, and Snapdragon DRM/KMS driver; full support for eLLC cache; revised version of SimpleDRM; improvement to Intel GMA-500 Poulsbo driver; among others.

Torvalds codenamed Linux 3.12 as ‘Suicidal Squirrel’ last week a couple of days after the work on the kernel was suspended because the SSD of Toravalds’ main workstation gave up on him. The Linux 3.12-rc1 announcement comes 15 days after Linux 3.11 was announced at the beginning of this month.