Last Week Microsoft announced IMAP support in through which users can easily access their emails using devices that don’t support Exchange ActiveSync like Mac Mail and Thunderbird on Mac. But it seems that users are already experiences synchronization issues.

Users are reporting issues such as server timeouts, sync issues on Mac, Hotmail addresses not working on Mac, issues related to deleted messages and moved messages, no mails in the inbox folder etc. Microsoft in response to all the comments has said that they are monitoring each and every feedback closely and looking at the reported issues.

Ben Poon, Program Manager, in response to comments related to error 9 said, “We’ve seen a handful of reports of users running into the error 9 so we’re looking into this with high priority”. He also confirmed that there are still a few bugs in the system which needs to be sorted out and new options to make IMAP more reliable will be worked out soon.

Another major issue being reported is that emails still appear on web interface even after they are deleted using a client that is compliant with – seems as if there are synchronization issues at work here for this particular bug.

“The Server appears to try to sync between its own ‘Sent’ and ‘Deleted’ mailboxes and the Mac Mail created ‘Sent Messages’ and ‘Deleted Messages’ mailboxes but that just starts to result in duplication of messages that don’t delete properly/completely,” wrote one of the users the comments section.

Users started reporting about their issues almost immediately after the IMAP support was announced by Microsoft. It seems that users who are facing the error 9 are all having large inboxes with total number of emails running in thousands. Microsoft hasn’t provided any official response other than what it has noted in the comments section.

Let us know in the comments section if you are facing similar issues.