Apple has dropped the Swiss Railway clock from its new iOS 7 operating system – the clock face it had adopted in iOS 6.

Back in September 2012, Apple was caught using the Swiss clock design in iOS 6 without any permission for which the mobile maker allegedly agreed to pay the CFF rail company a hefty licensing fee.

The iOS 6 used the famous clock app design featuring no numbers, black lines denoting minutes, with a red second hand moving very smoothly around the clock, which stops for 1.5 seconds at the top of the minute allowing the prompt departure of the trains.

Although SBB said it was flattered by the inclusion of the Swiss clock design in iOS 6, the truth that Apple used the design illegally wasn’t ignored. Apple and SBB settled over the inclusion sometime in October when Apple allegedly paid 20 million CHF (£13.6m). The detail of the agreement between the two was not publically revealed.

A new video (below) shows an iPad running iOS 7 with its clock app wherein the red second hand has been replaced by a ‘ticking’ hand while numbers marking hours have been restored on the clock face. The reasons behind Apple not using the Swiss clock design are not known, but we contemplate that its either because of design reasons or expiration of the license between SBB and Apple.

iOS 7 is due for release on September 18 and will be made available on iPhone 4 or later, iPad mini, iPad 2 or later and fifth generation iPod Touch.

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  • Talleyrand

    which stops for 1.5 seconds at the top of the minute allowing the prompt departure of the trains.
    Good piece, just one precision: it does not do it for that reason! It does it sop that all other clocks in the Swiss Network can catch up and then altogether jump to the next minute…. The Mondaine Group makes a watch with this face, but they have had the license for decades.