Apple launched its new set of iPhones just before a couple of days and in all the excitement surrounding the launch it seems that a massive design flaw has been overlooked by perfectionists at Apple and tech critics alike.

iphone 5c flawAs showed in the picture (right), the official cases for iPhone 5C hide the letters iPhone at the rear of the smartphone. The case designers have taken care of Apple’s logo by designing one on the case as well, but it seems they have missed out on the name of the smartphone. Out of the entire word iPhone only ‘hon’ is readable which points directly at the recklessness of the design.

If Steve Jobs would have been alive at this moment his obvious reactions would have been filled with scorn and the design flaw would have led him to fire a whole bunch of people for the perfectionist he was.

Considering a few examples of his quality of perfectionism it took over three years for the design of Macintosh to complete because of Jobs’ obsession with details. The primary reason he nixed the fan from the Mac was that he considered it to be clumsy and noisy. He even had the motherboard redesigned just because he wanted it to look elegant.

After he was kicked out of Apple, he started NeXT where his perfectionist attitude took a toll on company’s hardware designers as he wanted them to build a computer that was sleek and a gorgeous magnesium cube. Following his return to the fruity company in 1997, he personally looked into minutest details like no. of screws that went into a Mac’s case and scroll bars of OS X among other such things.

Let us know in the comments section whether you consider this as a flaw and if so how you feel about it?

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