BitTorrent is going to release its BitTorrent Bundle on September 24 as a closed alpha facilitating publishers to distribute their content direct-to-fans easily by automating the process of media torrent creation.

Launched back in May the BitTorrent Bundle is a new media format that allows publishers including artists, labels and studios to distribute their content with ease. Since its launch BitTorrent has been working with a small group of artists to build campaigns that can be distributed easily.

The new platform claims to make direct-to-fan publishing simpler allowing publishers to publish whatever they want enabling them to build their fan following and grow their revenues. The basic idea behind the platform is to let publishers put their content for free thereby encouraging downloads while also providing them options to layer the content such that it is only accessible after users provide their email addresses or complete surveys or enter a contest or pay a small fee.

“BitTorrent Bundle collaborations have been downloaded by 18 million fans. We’ve helped funnel over a million users to artist properties, collecting over 600 thousand email leads along the way. This is what people-powered distribution looks like”, notes BitTorrent in a blog post.

With the self-serve platform entering a closed alpha phase, publishers will be able to make their content available to as many as 170 million BitTorrent users across the globe. The alpha release wouldn’t allow publishers to collect much information about the downloaders except email addresses, but BitTorrent has promised to include many features as the version progression happens and will also add premium features enabling publishers to charge users for content access.

In these five months since May BitTorrent hasn’t charged artists to produce bundles and it isn’t planning to monetize the process afterwards either. Publishers can put in their requests using the form here.