Just when everything was seemingly going on smoothly with the Linux 3.12 merge window, Torvalds has revealed through a mailing list announcement that his main workstation’s SSD given up on him because of which new activities for the Linux 3.12 kernel have been temporarily suspended.

“The timing absolutely sucks, but it looks like the SSD in my main workstation just died on me”, noted Torvalds.

Merge window is the period during which most of the new features and new developments are committed for a new Linux kernel version. As it stands, because of the failure of Torvalds’ main workstations’ SSD, he is not able to push anything out to the mainline Git tree.

The Kernel maintainer has revealed that he is trying everything to recover the SSD, but the process is showing no positive signs. If the SSD doesn’t recover, Torvalds will be finishing the rest of the work for Linux 3.12 merge window through his laptop.

“If worst comes to worst, I’ll just do the last next days of the merge window on the laptop that I was planning on finishing it off with anyway, since I have travel coming up.”

If you are not familiar with the feature set that have already been merged for Linux 3.12, you can head onto ParityPortal.com for Linux 3.12 features.

Torvalds just made the headlines yesterday by responding to a change.org petition with scron. He called the petitioner ignorant while explaining what goes behind the random pool and the role of RdRand in the random number generation process.