The phpMyAdmin team has announced completion of 15 years of the project – the first version of which was released back on September 09, 1998 by Tobias Ratschiller.

Announcing the fifteen years of celebration the phpMyAdmin team revealed that the project is witnessing over 200,000 direct downloads per month and many more are using the pre-packaged version available with many distros for their MySQL and MySQL-like database administration needs.

According to some of the statistics revealed by the team as a part of the 15 years of celebration, phpMyAdmin has grown from a codebase of just 13,496 lines to a whopping 508,761 lines with an effort of over 135 person years and at an estimated cost of over $7.4 million USD (based on the COCOMO model). Currently there are over 669 active contributors to the project and has been translated into 72 languages.

From a one person team the project has grown to a nine member team which is entrusted with different tasks such as releases, bug fixing, security, support and documentation among others. Marc Delisle is the current release coordinator; Michal Čihař currently looks after the project web site, demo server, wiki and other useful services; Dieter Adriaenssens is the security coordinator while Madhura Jayaratne is the bug fixing coordinator.

According to some other statistics a total of 203,238 commits have been made with the first commit dated May 03, 2001 while the most recent being just eight days back. You can find more statistics here.