According to reports Google is planning to launch its Glass App store sometime in 2014 strongly suggesting that the wearable tech gadget will hit the shelves next year itself.

A Google representative confirmed to the New York Times about the probable launch, but the search engine giant is not yet ready to share more details about its glass app market. The company declined to confirm whether the store will be a part of the existing play store or it will have its own separate identity and whether the apps will be chargeable to the developers.

Google started distributing units of its Glass to the Explorer Program members back in April last year for a premium price tag of $1,500 each. Google has been adding new features to the Glass OS since then and tweaking existing features on a regular basis. Google Glass App store, like its Google Play counterpart, would allow users to download new software for their Glass. Chances are that Google Play may itself be the home for Glass apps, probably as a subsection, as there were references to those earlier in July notes the Verge.

Marketing Land has also claimed that Google about the launch of Google Glass App Store next year, but has refrained from giving out additional details. Timothy Jordan of Google, in a Google+ post, about 10 days back noted that the search engine giant was working on a process which will allow developers to submit their Glass apps “to get quota and be listed” indicating that Google is serious about its app store plans and Glass may surface for general use in 2014.