Linus Torvalds has just announced the release of Linux 3.11 as anticipated.

Announcing Linux 3.11 Torvalds notes that the final version doesn’t bring in a lot more than what is already present in the rc7, but it does include fixes – most of them in networking tree alongside a few in file system as well as sound.

“…go and get the real 3.11 release, which is out there, all shiny and ready to be compiled and loved.” notes Torvalds in the release announcement.

Last week’s rc7 announcement marked 22 years of Linux and Torvalds commemorated it with an annoucement similar to the first ever he made in 1991. Torvalds teased celebrations of 22 years of Linux last week when he released Linux 3.11-rc6. A week before that while releasing Linux 3.11-rc5 he remembered Windows 3.1.

Some of the features of Linux 3.11 include LZ4 compression, Zswap, XFS and EXT4 file system improvements, inclusion of Lustre, new DRM display, Dynamic Power Management (DPM) for Radeon GPUs, AVX2 optimization, Power PC architecture updates, ARM improvements, input device and audio stack improvements among others.

You can read an exhaustive lowdown of the Linux 3.11 features here. We have also listed some interesting features of Linux 3.12 here.

  • Terry A Davis

    TempleOS 1.05 was just released 3 days ago and had an issue with tS() . I fixed it 2 days ago, so most downloaders of the release got good versions.

    Yeah, it won’t compiler with the old system — you have to boot the new system to compile it. I don’t care — nobody speaks-up, so I take vengeance on them. Unlike Linux, God’s temple must be perfect, so I do the opposite of promise backward compatibility.