FreeBSD 9.2-rc3 was released last week and it was believed at the time that the rc would be the last one in the 9.2 series, but according to a recent update on the FreeBSD 9.2 Release Process webpage there will be a rc4 release and the final version has been delayed by 15 days.

There has been no official communication from the release engineering team yet, but the release cycle has been updated with an entry showing rc4 build – the process for which has already started on August 31 and September 14 is now the official date for the FreeBSD 9.2 final release.

RC3 was released about a week ago and it seems that there are some issues with this particular release candidate. FreeBSD team was confident of releasing the 9.2 final build when they released the rc2 about two weeks back. Poking around in the FreeBSD mailing list does give some clues as to why the final version may have been delayed while one more rc has been introduced.

9.2 is not the only major version that the FreeBSD team is working on at the moment. The team is also working on version 10 of the distribution and according to the schedule page the FreeBSD 10.0 is likely to be released sometime in November.

Some of the features of FreeBSD 10 include support for Bhyve hypervisor support, Raspberry Pi, AMD kernel Mode-setting, improved 802.11n networking stack, ZFS TRIM, LLVM’s Clang compiler to be the default compiler, Intel’s “Bull Mountain” RDRAND CPU instruction set among others.