A new campaign has cropped up on crowd-funding site Indiegogo dubbed TransObj – a project that aims to build world’s first fully open-source computer that would utilize “only non-proprietary hardware and software under the GNU General Public License.”

The campaign page doesn’t give out much detail about the actual hardware and software that will be used to build the open-source computer which is a little disappointing as backers would want more information to decide whether they want to chip in or not.

The funding goal is $250,000 USD and it has been nearly 15 hours since the campaign was setup, but as of this writing TransObj has had ‘0’ backers. It seems from the Indigogo page that the team is not only after a $99 USD computer, but it also intends to “replace” the Internet by “utilizing a fully encrypted and anonymous wireless open mesh network.” The project is seemingly far-fetched in its goal as it would need to sell millions of systems to fruity its “ever-expanding architecture of meta-consciousness.”

TransObj seeks to bypass “the duality of cloud vs local storage” by utilizing distributed file system, which will avoid “the free speech, privacy and ownership issues of corporate owned data centers.”

Another thing that may be a little prickly is the fact that the project has opted for flexible funding under which it will receive funds even if it doesn’t achieve its $250k campaign goal. We have contacted the team behind the campaign to get an insight into the hardware configuration and software specifications of TransObj, so do check back.