Samsung operators in South Africa have started promoting the launch of BlackBerry Messenger by telling people through advertisements that the cross platform messenger is going to land on a Galaxy series smartphone very soon.

The new advert was uploaded by Samsung Ghana and a profile picture of the new ad can also be seen on the social networking website Facebook. From the looks of it the app will first be launched in some parts of Africa – probably because BlackBerry is quite strong in this region and users will have no difficulty in finding buddies to talk to.

According to a report on CrackBerry the video ad was aired at football matches and other public events. The soundless video ad does not indicate anything about the exact launch date of the app, but it is very clear that both the companies have started gearing up for the launch through marketing and promotional efforts.

BBM for Galaxy smartphones probably a late entered in the messaging app world as there are quite a few strong players in this vertical including the likes of WhatsApp. It is expected that the app would be launched sometime in September, though none of the companies have officially revealed any dates.

BBM for Android hit beta at the start of this month and about a week after that Samsung confirmed that the cross-platform messaging app was to be released for Galaxy range of smartphones soon.

WeChat is another player in the messaging app segment and is one quickly penetrating world markets specifically India. However, the app is believed to be severely flawed because of use of not-so-strong encryption technologies which would allow hackers to spy on WeChat users by decrypting the messages. Researchers have even gone to the extent of dubbing WeChat as a threat to Indian national security.