Known as ‘Weimi’ in Chinese, WeMeet has been developed by a 20 member Hangzhou Kuyue Technology Team incubated within Sina.

In an interview with Financial Times, Sina CEO, Charles Chao, revealed that through WeMeet, which is basically a group messaging social app, users can chat and subscribe to pictures, news and other forms of content. Users can also import Sina Weibo and mobile address book contacts.

WeMeet has included an interesting Snapchat feature in which group messages will disappear in 3 seconds after been read and will vanish from the group within 24 hours. Charles also said that the company plans to launch its social messaging app to compete with other social mobile apps.

Around 500 million users have already registered with Weibo with over 50 million active users each day. Weibo is facing immense competition from Tencent’s mobile messaging app, WeChat, which has more than 235 million active monthly users all across China and also overseas.

Chao hopes WeMeet stands up to its expectations and become successful in stealing the show. It is true that being too late in the run, WeMeet will need some luck and a real growth strategy to surpass its competitors.

As reported first by Technode, WeMeet will be first made available in Chinese language only; however, the app will be made available for Android and iOS worldwide which suggests that it may be launched in different languages later on.

In related messaging app news researchers in India have recently dubbed WeChat as a threat to national security. Researchers demonstrated how easy it was to decrypt messages sent using WeChat and indicated that China may be doing so to carry out surveillance on Indians.

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