Reports suggests that Pakistan is testing URL filters and may very soon lift the ban on YouTube, which was imposed on the Google-owned website last year after the search engine giant refused to remove a video film ‘The Innocence of Muslims’ insulting Prophet Muhammad.

According to a report on ProPakistani the Pakistani Government now has URL filers which can selectively block impious and controversial content without banning the entire service. The technology has been provided by Pakistan Telecommunication Company. During trial runs, around 4,000 URLs were blocked by the URL filters and the system is said to block controversial content across all ISPs.

A list of blocked URLs will be prepared by an inter-ministerial committee which will then be handed over to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority for further execution. The IT Ministry is now planning to officially communicate with the Prime Minister’s Office informing about the success in selective blockade of objectionable content on YouTube without banning the entire service.

This isn’t the first time Pakistan blocked YouTube over a video. Back in 2008, a short file portraying links between Islam and terrorism by Geert Wilders showed up on YouTube, which forced the Government to block YouTube across the nation.

There have been no comments from Google regarding this report.