WeChat has entered the Indian free messaging app space with a tremendous push, but it seems that the application is not so secure after all as hackers can bypass the security mechanism to decrypt the messages sent using the app and China could be potentially spying on Indian citizens.

According to a couple of young researchers, Jiten Jain and Abhay Agarwal, the free messaging app doesn’t employ the best of encryption and security technologies, which leaves personal information of its users vulnerable to theft. To prove their point the researchers went onto demonstrate the ease with which the messages sent using WeChat can be decrypted, indirectly indicating that foreign governments could be doing the same thing for spying and surveillance purposes.

The researchers were discussing the potential risks to privacy of users because of surveillance techniques employed by service provides across the globe at The Hackers Conference in New Delhi India on August 25. The researcher duo claimed that app from Chinese Internet Giant Tencent is threat to national security.

Jain and Agarwal claimed that not only can the Chinese government access the chat logs, but they can also access each and every detail about users stored in their smartphones – ranging from contact lists, messages, calls, geographic locations, etc.

One of other points raised at the conference was that the Indian Government is not able to successfully utilize the vast potential of security researchers in India. The Government has failed to secure its websites never mind the security of the whole nation. Researchers present at the conference stressed for the need of raising awareness about security within government establishments and masses in general.

Researches urged the government to strengthen the security of its websites as well as digital data by grooming in-house security experts as well as by availing help from industry experts present in India.

  • nishantsirohi123

    I think this app is indeed unsafe
    i downloaded a camera based app from “WECHAT” and it gave a pop up in chinese language and started updating the app immediatly
    not a good sign

    i would rather prefer ‘LINE” i trust the japanese more than chinese


    even BBM in on android now

  • mike b

    i wonder if you would have the balls to call out facebook, google, and yahoo spying on indians.