A bug report has been filed with Bugzilla (Bug 901614) by David Dahl requesting adoption and bundling of TOR as a feature in Mozilla’s Firefox stressing that it “would be a great countermeasure for those seeking more privacy online.”

As of now users who seek anonymity and want to browse the web using TOR are required to download a separate package which includes an older version of Firefox browser, Vidalia control panel and a Tor client. Using the package is not a cumbersome process, but it could prove to be a hassle for some.

A privacy roadmap has also been created with most of the features still in draft status. Nothing concrete has been laid out, but the roadmap indicates that inclusion of TOR in Firefox would improve private browsing mode of the browser; provide for better API-level switches, which would enable torbutton like addons to better control Firefox’s behavior; and increased privacy and local security.

“Ultimately, it’s really hard to be anonymous online right now. On top of that, it’s really hard for projects to harness Firefox as a platform that can be extended into an anonymity-instilling tool”, reads the vision of TOR roadmap for Firefox.

Inclusion of TOR as a feature in Firefox would enable users to access not only .onion URLs, but they will also be protected against the risks of being exposed to malicious exit operators. There are two viable options for inclusion of this feature – bundled extension or a built-in feature, but it remains to be seen if the feature is implemented and how?