Linus Torvalds announced the Linux 3.11-rc7 marking the completion of 22 years of Linux.

Torvalds’ rc7 announcement is more or less like his first announcement he made the same day in 1991. The Kernel guru noted that Linux has been brewing since 1991 and is still not ready. He added that he would feedback on the latest rc, but considering its a rc7 he said that he won’t make promises.

“I’d like any feedback on things people like/dislike in Linux 3.11-rc7… I don’t really want to get feature requests this late in the rc series”, wrote Torvalds

Apart from this announcement there is nothing interesting in rc7 apart from bug fixes and regression fixes. Torvalds is hoping to release the final Linux 3.11 soon and implied that it could be as early as next week.

Torvalds teased celebrations of 22 years of Linux last week when he released Linux 3.11-rc6. A week before that while releasing Linux 3.11-rc5 he remembered Windows 3.1.

Some of the features of Linux 3.11 include LZ4 compression, Zswap, XFS and EXT4 file system improvements, inclusion of Lustre, new DRM display, Dynamic Power Management (DPM) for Radeon GPUs, AVX2 optimization, Power PC architecture updates, ARM improvements, input device and audio stack improvements among others.

You can read an exhaustive lowdown of the Linux 3.11 features here.