Datawind launched its Ubislate 7Cz earlier this year with a price tag of ₹5,799 but, it seems that before that particular model hits the market on a large scale, Datawind has had a change of heart and has already upgraded the 7Cz by adding in some hardware upgrades.

The original Ubislate 7Cz had Android Ice Cream Sandwich, 4GB internal storage, and 512MB RAM. In contrast the new and improved Ubislate 7Cz comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, 8GB of internal storage and 1GB RAM. The rest of the specifications are the same in the improved version viz: 7-inch screen with 800 x 480p display resolution, 1.2GHz processor, 2-megapixel rear camera and a front VGA one, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and microSD card slot.

The new tablet has been priced at ₹5,999 and is currently only available from Datawind’s website. The company is going to put a final price tag of ₹6,299 once it is released publicly. The original version of the 7Cz is available from other online retailers in India for now.

Government of India has already planned a 2014 release of Aakash 4 – the latest in the Aakash series of tablets for which it already floated guideline specifications earlier. However we found that there were several issues with the specifications and we pin-pointed them here. We also tried to contact the representative in charge of handling the requests for suggestion on the guidelines but, have never received a reply till date.

According to our sources in the government chances are that Datawind, which has already faced severe criticism for the way in which it handled previous releases of Aakash, may bag the order for Aakash 4 as well. If this does turn out to be true then chances are that Aakash 4 may turn out to be a flop as well like its predecessors.

Datawind has already diverted its attention to other markets like the US where a 3G version of Ubislate was spotted on FCC website. Further, the tablet has reportedly found success with under-privileged kids at a summer camp in North Carolina, US indicating that trial runs are turning out to be positive for Datawind.

  • Rohit Kale

    1. Can we use 3g with sim, instead of 3g via dongle on Ubislate 7Cz ?
    2. when the company will launch 4g ubislate in India?
    3. Can i REPLACE 3g tab after launching 4g ubislate?

    • rmandalia

      Thanks for writing…

      1. DataWind hasn’t provided any information about the use of SIM instead of a dongle. It seems that the model doesn’t have a SIM slot and hence you would need to use a dongle only.

      2. DataWind’s 4G plans are not public yet. But, we anticipate it must be sometime near the second half of 2014. The reason is that 4G technology is relatively new and its chips are a little expensive as compared to 3G because of which DataWind will not venture into 4G keeping in mind its budget tablet image.

      3. I do not think that would be an option that DataWind will provide. But, its a wait and watch game and depends on the company itself.

      • Rohit Kale

        Thanks for the Information…

        • Yash singh

          Het Rohit screen display is very good it also supports HD videos

          • Rohit Kale

            yaaa…it’s awsome,it supports all video formats & HD video recording.

      • bosssssss

        it do have sim slot.

      • Anil sharma

        I am using ubislate 7cz from a month.Very awesome tablet in such a cost.I have used my Tata Docomo dongle speed is so fast and the connectivity is also good through sim card>i am using a realiance sim card. This tab scores 13200 in antutu benchmark test, which is
        mainly due to 1.2ghz dual core processor and 1gb ram, so can play graphic
        intensive games without lags. (subway surfers, dead trigger, reptide gp2, beach
        buggy blitz tested, no lags)

        • Dear Anil ,
          Can u tell me somthing about display.
          Its as good as samsung tab/not,
          is it Fully HD
          please rply
          I have old one is it better to go for exchange, i have not used its just laying on my consern is this is also should not become useless
          please help

  • manish

    Hi Abhishek and other,
    Yesterday only I received my 7CZ tablet and specially purchased for my small baby (20 month) to show various pics of animals ( Tiger, Lion, Monkey,Zebra etc), and tried to view different pics by just swipe, but unfortunately it was not happening, I have to come back to list of pics to view other pic.
    Am I missing any setting or something, please advice.

  • Animesh

    today i have received my 7cz but i could not open the sim slot cover. plz help me