Sabu, ex-leader of the now dismantled hacking collective Lulzsec – an offshoot of Anonymous, has managed to dodge sentencing again as the hearing which was scheduled today has been adjourned without any explanations.

Hector Monsegur has already dodged sentencing a few times before – exactly one year ago today and again in February this year. The delays indicate that FBI isn’t done extracting information from Monsegur and this could mean that the hacker may be helping FBI with other covert operations as Jeremy Hammond claims.

“What many do not know is that Sabu was also used by his handlers to facilitate the hacking of targets of the government’s choosing – including numerous websites belonging to foreign governments”, notes Hammond in a blog post.

“What the United States could not accomplish legally, it used Sabu, and by extension, me and my co-defendants, to accomplish illegally”, Hammond added further.

The news about delay of the latest hearing comes from Nate Anderson of Ars Technica. “This morning at 10am, Anonymous hacker/FBI informant Hector “Sabu” Monsegur was scheduled to be sentenced in a New York federal court. But when I called the judge’s chambers this morning, I was told that the sentencing had been adjourned—again. No explanation was given”, notes Nate in the report.

Sabu’s co-operation has not only led to dismantling of Lulzsec but also arrests of his co-operatives including Raynaldo Rivera who was recently sentenced to one year in prison.