India has leapfrogged Japan to become the third largest country in terms of Internet users by registering a year-on-year increase of 31 per cent and a total tally of 73.9 million.

According to a report by comScore, India added over 17 million users last year surpassing Japan, which has a total online population of 73.64 million. 14.2 per cent of all internet users in India come from a non-PC device and the use of mobile devices is increasing in 2013. However, the percolation of 2G and 3G isn’t that great as only 33 per cent of all non-PC users came from mobile networks whereby 77 per cent were from Wi-Fi networks.

Some of the other highlights of the report: nearly 75 per cent of the internet population in India is under 35; highest amount of time spent online is for social networking; of the 73.9 million 39 per cent are from the fairer sex; top web property in India was Google followed by Facebook and Yahoo; 28 per cent rise in Facebook visitors in the last 12 months; 31.5 million watched YouTube vidoes; news and information sites are the least visited sites among BRIC nations – average of 33.5 minutes a day; newspapers and general news sites garnered most of the attention; India is now the fourth largest country in terms of online searches.

Some of the major areas where India is still lacking greatly as compared to other BRIC nations are online shopping; average time spent on blogs – just 10.3 minutes a day among others.

You can find the full report here.