Asus has announced its Z87-Deluxe/Quad motherboard – the first motherboard to be officially certified with 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 standard. Asus has combined two 10Gbps Thunderbolt ports to come up with one bi-directional 20Gbps port.

Asus has equipped its Z87-Deluxe with two of these 20Gbps ports meaning that now users will be able to use two 4K displays simultaneously and if you have an HDMI capable monitor, you can add one more and have three simultaneous displays. The Thunderbolt 2 standard is twice as fast as the current Thunderbolt standard and four times faster than USB 3.0.

Some of the other connectivity options on the newly announced motherboard are an HDMI port, eight USB 3.0 ports, eight USB 2.0 ports, ten SATA III ports, four RAM slots, and three PCIe 3.0 slots. The Z87-Deluxe supports Intel Haswell chips and is probably the best motherboard from Asus till date.

Thunderbolt 2 supports daisy chained connections as well and thanks to the two ports aboard the Z87-Deluxe, users can connect up to 12 devices at once thereby reducing clutter around their desktop systems.

Beyond these connectivity options, the new motherboard also comes with NFC Express accessory which would allow users to automate common PC tasks by simply tapping on the supplied NFC tag or NFC compatible smart devices.

Thunderbolt fans would have been expecting Apple to come out with products featuring Thuderbolt 2 but, Asus has announced a motherboard first and that too for Windows.