VMware has announced a new service through users which customers will be able to migrate their existing VMware workloads from their on-premise setups into the Rackspace data centers.

The setup once migrated to Rackspace would give a look and feel that is more or less an extension of their existing data centre notes the open cloud company. Under the new service Rackspace will be adding VMware vCenter Servers to its managed virtualization services allowing it to add key building blocks for going ahead with its hybrid cloud plans.

The service would in fact add depth to Rackspace’s managed virtualization services. Through these services, Rackspace enables its customers to augment their on-site VMware deployments with those managed by Rackspace in its datacentres.

Moving ahead with such an inclusion in the service definitely ups the ante for Rackspace and its service offerings while also endorsing VMware’s products but, it doesn’t eliminate the need for licenses. Further, VMware itself is planning to roll out its own solution which involves hybrid clouds and a competitor in the form of Rackspace may act as a hurdle.

Having said that VMware is still going to profit from the move as there are those who will go for the hybrid cloud model but through Rackspace and there are those who will adopt the solution directly on offer from VMware – at the end a cut goes in its pocket no matter who offers the service.