Apple launched its USB power adapter takeback program yesterday in the US and along with that has also launched the program in a total of 29 other countries including China. The initial plan was to expand the program to 7 other countries beyond the US. The webpage detailing the program is available here.

The program was initially introduced in China where a woman was electrocuted when using a counterfeit charger. Just last week another woman was allegedly injured after an iPhone 5 exploded.

The initiative by Apple seeks to provide rigorously tested and certified USB chargers to iOS users ensuring that they do not put their life in harms way because of use of fake adapters and that these third-party chargers are disposed off in a safe and environment friendly way.

Apple will be accepting third-party charger at any of its retail store or participating service providers. Customers can buy original Apple chargers for a discounted price in exchange of these fake ones. The pricing for some of the countries is as follows: Australia – $14 AUD, Canada – $11 CAD, New Zealand – $15 NZD, Ireland – €10, Italy – €10, Austria – €10, Belgium – €10, Finland – €10.