China is going to probe major technology companies including IBM, Oracle and EMC over security concerns as an aftermath of the Snowden revelations whereby the whistleblower had claimed that NSA had access to critical infrastructure in multiple Chinese and Hong Kong universities.

According to a report in a Chinese newspaper, the government is concerned about the technological superiority of American companies and as most of its critical and core information technology systems are dependent on foreign hardware the recent revelations about NSA surveillance has instigated the government to see the Prism scandal as a potential security problem.

China and the US have been pointing fingers at each other since quite a few years when it comes to state sponsored cyber-attacks. Recently China claimed that US was involved in hacking government infrastructure and the Snowden revelations have added fuel to the already burning fire.

The US has been accusing the Chinese government of hacking into sensitive networks and infrastructure by supplying hardware through China-based companies like Huawei and ZTE. It has also claimed that China is sponsoring projects that are directly aimed at hacking into websites of key US offices. The US has even gone to the extent of claiming that Huawei was a threat to US national security.

Retaliation from China was always expected and it was a matter of time before something of this sort happened. Now with Snowden in limelight, China has got a reason to believe that US would have done the same what it has been allegedly doing since quite a few years.