Nokia has released version 1 of its software development kit (SDK) for Asha range of smartphones – specifically the Asha 501.

Using the SDK developers will be able to turn their ideas in to Java based apps for Nokia Asha smartphones. Once the app is ready, developers can then test it on Asha 501’s emulator. Nokia has itself launched a tailored version of its maps app recently.

Nokia would be not only looking to target big brand developers but, also smaller developers to develop apps for the Asha ecosystem. Nokia has revealed that the Asha SDK 1.0 comes with features such as sensor and multi-touch simulations and would simplify development, testing, packaging and deployment of Java apps on the Asha OS. To give developers jump start with development, Nokia is going to organize webinars over the next few weeks covering topics such as user interface (UI) design, camera and imaging, and localization.

Using the SDK developers will be able to create real time notifications that would be delivered to user’s lock screens; images processing as well as integration with Nokia HERE; richer UI – thanks to optimized implementation of the LWUIT; enhanced location features; multi-touch simulations, etc.

To get a feel of how the app may behave on the phone, Nokia has also facilitated developers with an emulator enabling them to test the apps and games using the Mobile Sensor API (JSR-256). Developers can use the pinch-to-zoom simulator to record multipoint-touch gestures and send them to the emulator.

Further, there is this Remote Device Access service as well which enables developers to access real phones online over an Internet connection. Check out the video of a webinar below. You can download the SDK here.