Today India is celebrating its 66th Independence Day and Google did its own little thing, as it always does, by making a doodle on its search homepage.

The doodle design went a little over the top when it came to colours as the initial doodle had a touch of yellow colour rather than Saffron. The Indian flag has Green, White and Saffron colours whereas Google went ahead with Green, White and a shade that was quite close to Yellow as compared to Saffron. White represents peace and purity, Green represents prosperity and Saffron represents courage and sacrifice. Yellow? We don’t know what Google had in mind.

The doodle didn’t go well with Indians and they took to several social media sites to oppose the colour combination chosen by Google for its doodle. Twitter was full of remarks against the doodle some even going to the extent stating that the doodle was a disgrace to the Indian flag and honor.

“Google disgraced our Independence day.The ugliest google doodle ever… its saffron u idiots not yellow.” Read one of the tweets.

This is not the first time Google commemorated Indian Independence Day with a doodle as in 2011 and 2012 it selected a set of national symbols to do the same. But, it seems that this year the colour of ‘Gold’ took precedence – well seemingly because of the demand in the yellow metal. Eh?