Asustek is ready to enter the Chromebook market later this year itself according to recent reports that emerged from Taiwan.

Asus is looking to first target the education industry with by venturing into the manufacture of Chromebooks. Though orders might be limited in number Asus may get a good enough jumpstart as none of the other vendors has ploughed the education filed with Chromebooks.

After seeing poor demand in laptops and desktop PCs this year’s third quarter, Asustek has decided to reduce forecast of its notebook shipments for this year to 17-19 million units from original 22-24 million and has also started searching for new demand.

Asustek recently has started focusing more on its pushing notebook models without touch panels in both entry-level and mainstream segments and will soon, in order to defend the company’s touch screen notebook business, release a new entry-level Vivobook.

According to reports, Chromebook shipments based on Chrome operating system of Google will rise in 2013’s second half. Chromebook shipments in the second of this year are expected to be double or triple than shipments recorded in the first half.

Looking at the current slow pace demand in the Chromebook market, Asustek was at first a bit reluctant about joining the market but seeing its notebook shipments falling down, the company decided to save its shipments by entering into the market.