Microsoft is reportedly giving final touches to Windows 8.1 codenamed Windows Blue and will be released sometime in October. Microsoft is scheduled to release Windows 8.1 to device-makers and is reportedly on track. A report on ZDNet claims that Redmond will not be making the latest version of its operating system available publicly in August and users will have to wait a couple of more months before they can get their hands on to the Windows 8 successor.

The plausible reason behind Microsoft leaving a two month window between the RTM (release to manufacturers) and the public release is to allow device makers to test the software for any bugs in their products making sure users don’t face such issues after its released.

The Verge reported that the build 9471 is a near final version of the 64 bit Windows 8.1 and has made a couple of pictures available for everyone to see. The latest leak gives more insights into the look and feel of the new operating system. The leaked build includes an array of tutorials and navigation tips to help users overcome the sweeping interface overhaul trouble which they faced while using the first edition of Windows 8 released last year.

According to some of the picture there are quite a few changes in the new Windows 8.1 as against Windows 8. The messaging app in Windows 8 has been replaced by Skype and other Health & Fitness and Food & Drink apps have been included in the default Windows 8.1 install.

Other additions include new eye candy for the Start Screen, an updated mail app, a new sidebar for easy and quick access to favorite people, categories and other folders.