Linus Torvalds has released Linux 3.11-rc5 yesterday wishing that it would have been a lovely coincidence if he were able to release final Linux 3.11 as on the exact same day 20 years ago Microsoft released Windows 3.11.

“Sadly, the numerology doesn’t quite work out, and while releasing the final 3.11 today would be a lovely coincidence (Windows 3.11 was released twenty years ago today), it is not to be”, notes Torvalds in the release announcement.

“Instead, we have 3.11-rc5.” He added.

The Kernel guru noted that things are calming down at this stage in the release cycle with the latest rc being smaller – both in terms of the number of commits as well as size of the patch – than the 3.11-rc4. Torvalds noted that there is nothing huge that would stand out in the release except the Radeon changes.

The rc5 comes with bug fixes and updates related to media, architecture, and filesystems. Most of the changes for Radeon are in the Power Management area notes Torvalds.

Linux 3.11 will be loaded with quite a lot of features when the final version is out. Some of the features are support for LZ4 compression, Zswap, XFS file system improvements, Radeon dynamic power management support, new DRM display driver, Intel Haswell improvements, AVX2 Crypto optimizations, ARM improvements and 64-bit support for XEN and KVM virtualization among others. You can find an extensive write-up on Linux 3.11 features here.

  • It was actually a dumb idea if you think about it. Microsoft and Apple could easily say “Linux 3.11 is just like using Windows 3.11” because just like Windows 3.11, the GUI runs on top of the CLI.

    • Edwin Chen

      To say GUIs run on top of the CLI is kind of dumb. Even so, nothing stops microsoft and apple from saying “new linux will be just like windows 3.11”.

      • No, it’s copmletely true. Remember that Linux is just the kernel, making use of/on top of the utilities and libraries, most of which are developed by the GNU project. It’s just that some distros such as Ubuntu try to make it easy for you by hiding the CLI with a fancy logo. I think pressing “Tab” will let you see the CLI action.

  • Privat Privat

    Wish Windows 3.11 had a Windows 3.11 gui avable for download. 😛 then id have to install Linux to get a better gui than Windows 8 😀