A Chinese woman has suffered from severe eye injuries after her iPhone5 exploded while she was talking on the phone.

According to a report on the Da Lian Evening News published on Friday and first reported by ZDNet, when the women named Li was talking with her friend on the phone, she felt the device’s screen getting extremely warm. When she checked her phone she found that the touch screen was not responding. When she tried to end the call by tapping on the screen but, the phone didn’t respond. After tapping for a few more times, the screen exploded shooting debris right into her eyes.

exploded iphone 5She was immediately rushed to the hospital when the doctor examined her and found her eyes to be red and inflamed and identified a scratch mark on the eyes. Li recalled saying that she could not even open her eyes. She also stated that previously she had dropped the phone once leaving a small dent on the top right corner of the handset but claimed that the cell phone was in a working condition.

Responding to the reports, an apple representative has said that such an incident requires further investigation and will not be covered under product warranty.

Just last month a Chinese man was electrocuted and was left in a coma while he was charging his iPhone 4. This instance was followed by death of a Chinese woman under similar circumstances. The investigations revealed that in both instances, third party unauthorized charging adapters were being used.

In a bid to avert such cases in future, Apple has set up a special page on its Chinese website advising customers on how to identify such adapters and recommending the use of genuine USB power adapters for iDevices. It has also launched a “Takeback Program” under which it is offering replacement of such chargers for $10.

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