Kim Dotcom revealed a couple of days ago he was pondering over setting up Mega’s privacy oriented secure email and messaging services in Iceland rather than New Zealand because he was concerned about the proposed spy law bills which may get passed by the government. Dotcom announced this over a tweet following the closure of two secure email services – Lavabit and Silent Circle – possibly because of government pressure and as precautionary measures to keep customer’s data out of reach of NSA.

Mega is now gearing up to launch its secure email and messaging services as soon as possible in a bid to capitalize on the void left by Lavabit and Silent Circle closure. While talking to ZDNet Mega chief executive Vikram Kumar said that end-to-end encryption and contacts feature is already in place and working fine for documents uploaded to Mega. However, there are issues that need to be tackled before the services are offered.

Kumar said, “The biggest tech hurdle is providing email functionality that people expect, such as searching emails, that are trivial to provide if emails are stored in plain text (or available in plain text) on the server side.”

Kumar revealed that one of the major hurdles is handling of emails that may be coming from non-encrypted contacts. Currently Mega uses technologies such as Bloom filters for its services said Kumar and the company is already working towards technologies such that customer data is secure even if SSL/TLS is compromised.

In related news The Pirate Bay, on completion of 10 years, has launched “Pirate Browser” which is capable of evading ISP blockades and users can use it to browse sites like IsoHunt, H33T, Fenopy, The Pirate Bay from countries where such sites have been blocked at the ISP level.