Adobe recently updated its Edge Apps, the Photoshop maker has announced that it will soon be rolling out the File and Typekit font sync feature for the creative cloud users in limited batches. The two features were announced in the month of May and are still tagged as ‘coming soon’.

The file sync feature is more or less like the Dropbox-style desktop sync feature. This feature significantly makes Creative Cloud’s storage options more useful. The font sync feature gives users the ability to use Typekit’s library of creative fonts. Users can choose from over more than 175 font families with a single click.

Using the new file sync feature, users can easily sync their creative content with the cloud and update the file whenever they want across multiple machines. Users can at any time easily browse their files from the web and access them anywhere.

Creative Cloud members who will access this feature first will get priority as against other users. Typekit font sync feature will be made available to customers with a Typekit plan and paid Creative Cloud membership.

“We’ll be rolling out access as quickly as we can to the entire Creative Cloud community, but members on the early access list will get priority”, noted Adobe in a blog post.