Apple’s Board which includes big names like Al Gore, United State’s former vice President, Bill Campbell, Intuit Chairman, Robert Iger, CEO Disney, and MIllard Drexler of J. Crew is very much concerned about lack of visible innovation coming up from Apple and is probably the sole reason why it is pressurizing Tim Cook to do something fast.

Despite the fact that Apple was able to fend off a meltdown quarter because of its strong US sales, there is no ‘visibly innovative’ stuff coming out from Apple. With the recent stats indicating Android’s dominance in the global markets led by Samsung, the board is worried claimed Fox correspondent Charlie Gasparino.

Cook recently revealed in the latest earnings call that Apple will be coming out with plenty of innovative products this Winter and as far as reports and rumours point, Apple is going to release a low-cost plastic iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S and probably a couple of new iPads.

According to the report on Fox Business News, Cook’s post is not in danger, but the board is worried over Apple’s present declining market share. Gasparino said, “Every time I hear ‘the board is concerned,’ it’s always the starting point for: ‘is this the right guy for the job.’”

The question which arises now is whether Cook can turn around the fate of iPhone and other iDevices and if so how much long does he have before the Board decides to take a drastic measure against him.

  • Rich Pav

    Pressuring, not pressurizing. They’re not pumping air into him.

    • jack

      lol. If so how much long does he have till takeoff?
      I actually like the post, it is informative and funny.