Without bothering much about the failure of Surface Windows Tablets, Microsoft is all set to tie up with its chip partner NVidia for a sequel of Surface RT tablets reported CNET on Thursday.

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO NVidia, told CNET that the chip making company is striving hard to come up with second-generation Surface tablets and is hoping Surface 2 tablets to be even better and more successful than its predecessor.

Huang believes that one of the main reasons leading to the failure of the Surface tablets was the non-availability of Outlook app at launch as this version of RT tablet runs on ARM-based chips and not on Intel chips. He also said that it is the killer app for Windows. Earlier in April there were reports that Outlook for Windows RT was nearly ready but, over 4 months have passed and nothing concrete has surfaced.

Microsoft’s first-generation Surface Windows Tablets did not manage to live up to the expectations of the company. As admitted by Microsoft, the company had produced more Surface RT tablets than they should have leading to a massive price cut. The software giant could generate revenue of only $853 million from its Surface tablets since its debut. As a result, Microsoft had to write-down possibly $900 million last month for Surface RT.

It will be very interesting to see if Microsoft can learn from previous mistakes the company had committed while launching the first generation Surface tablets and come up with more successful successor. Microsoft declined to comment anything on this matter.