Nintendo has filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida against the owners of which is known for selling pirated Nintendo games as well as devices and services that bypass the security mechanism of Nintendo’s gaming console.

The website is known to sell such services and devices for Nintendo DS and Wii, which are old consoles but, Nintendo has decided to go ahead with the console anyways – probably as a matter of principles. The site has also claimed that it will soon receive authorized distributorship of 3DS Gateway flash cards which would be another sore point for Nintendo.

Nintendo notes in a press release, “The operator of HackYourConsole has developed a global business focused on selling unauthorized copies of Nintendo games and game-copying devices (such as the R4 device) used to circumvent the technological protection measures contained in the Nintendo DS family of hand-held systems.”

“The website operator, for a fee, also provides services to hack and modify the Wii console and allow the play of illegal software”, added further.

As always this particular lawsuit is like a first chicken or egg situation where users involved in piracy are of the opinion that if the game prices would have been lower there would be no need to go for pirated games in the first place and the game developers on the other hand are of the opinion that as there is a lack of good number of users who buy games legally, they have to keep the prices high to earn some revenue.

Tell us in the comments section on what you believe should be the case: lower prices of games or blatant piracy or both?