Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has revealed over Twitter that users will not be required to subscribed to Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription to record, stream and share game footage through their PlayStation 4.

This move is in stark contrast to Microsoft’s requirement of Xbox Live Gold subscription for a similar in-game recording feature. It was revealed yesterday that users will be required to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold service to avail the DVR feature that Microsoft is providing in its latest Xbox One gaming console. Along with the Game DVR feature, users can avail the OneGuide, Skype and SmartMatch only if they have a Gold subscription.

The reply from Yoshida was a very short and direct one – ‘No’ when asked if the PS4 game recording and streaming features were exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers. Yoshida further said that ‘all’ users can avail this feature – this sits perfectly with Sony’s current strategy of providing media streaming and online play feature to everyone without requiring a PS Plus membership.

However, we would like to educate our users that if you are on online game buff most of the online multiplayer games on PlayStation 4 will be requiring a PS Plus membership.