Facebook has finished the roll out of its graph search feature to US English users on Wednesday, the company announced.

The newfangled search engine allows user to submit queries in simple English and search for topics and things like “People who like the food that I like”, or “Friends who live in my city”, or “Friends who like eating Chinese” or even “Hotels in California visited by my friends’, Facebook notes.

The company started rolling out the new feature in January to a very limited number of people. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, at an introductory press conference held at Facebook’s headquarters situated in Menlo Park, California said that Graph Search is still in its early stage and there is still time for it to get completed. Addressing the press conference, Zuckerberg said that Graph Search is a very big project and it’s going to take a lot of time to index the entire graph map. Facebook started a full roll out of the feature to US users in July.

“Graph Search makes it easier to make new connections; you can continue to search for friends and Pages by name, or use simple phrases to find something specific across people, photos, places, interests, and more”, noted Facebook on its newsroom announcement.

Despite the usability of the new feature, there is one point that sticks out like a thorn. How much information will the Graph Search feature reveal about a person when he / she comes up in a search result. Privacy concerns were at an all-time high when the search feature was revealed. Facebook stressed at the time that the search tool will not compromise privacy of users especially those of minors.