The new music streaming service ‘Google Play Music All Access’ which was launched in May in US has been made available to Android devices in nine new European countries along with UK, New Zealand and Australia.

All Access is now available in Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Austria, France, Portugal, Spain and Luxembourg. Google is offering the same discounted prices for All Access subscription for early subscribers as it did when the music service was first launched in US. All Access offers the user a complete access to Google’s music library for some monthly charges. Users can sign up with All Access through or through the Android application.

If a user signs up for a 30 day trial service with Google Play Music All Access before September 15th, the service will cost €7.99 or (£7.99 in the UK, $12.39 USD) per month for life subscription as compared to regular signup price of £9.99/€9.99 ($15.49 USD) per month. You can find more information about the availability of the different services under Google Play Music All access here.

There is no confirmation from Google about the release of the streaming music service in the rest of the world. We speculate that the service will make its way to India as well considering that Google pulled its original music streaming service in India on the last day of July. The closure was unannounced and there was no official information about the closure – but we are led to believe that the closure was in direct connection with the roll out of All Access.