A frequent leaker of all Apple hardware, Sonny Dickson, has released a set of new high-resolution images of the rear of the rumoured low-cost iPhone – iPhone 5C.

The images don’t show off any internals of the device – except for a few mounts of the components within the phone. One major thing to be noticed is that the case doesn’t have any opening of volume rocker or the mute switch – a major deviation from what Apple has been building up until now.

Many believe that Apple will be releasing the low-cost plasticky version of the iPhone along with the successor of iPhone 5 this autumn. iPhone 5C is allegedly being developed for Asian countries like China and India where Apple’s high-priced gadgets are not garnering enough sales due to strong competition from local white-box vendors as well as other brands such as Samsung and Sony.

Up until now Apple has adopted a strategy of reducing prices of its older handsets. With the launch of iPhone 5, iPhone 4 prices were reduced and even iPhone 4S saw some minor price cuts. But, the iPhone 5C would probably undercut the iPhone 4S in pricing and probably be carrying a price tag similar to that of the iPhone 4.

The low-cost version of the iPhone, even though hasn’t been named directly, popped up in China Labor Watch reports involved one of Apple’s contract manufacturers.