Xperia Z owners are reporting that the back panel of their handset is coming off because of which the handset’s water resistant indicators are turning red even though all the flaps on the phone are closed.

Users are reporting that the back flap on the top left hand corner lifts up slightly after the phone is subjected to hot weather conditions or after the smartphone is used for intensive activities like long hours of gaming or other such things. According to users the phone starts heating up just on the top left hand side where the Snapdragon processor is located which leads to melting of the glue thus loosening the back panel which then rises up slightly.

Xperia Z owners are also saying that service centers are turning them away as they can’t decide for sure whether the water damage to the handset is because of the raised back panel or because users were not careful enough to fasten the flap as per guidelines. Some service centers have even said that the issue with the back panel is a physical damage to the phone which is not covered under the warranty.

Some Xperia Z owners have taken the matters into their own hands by heating the back panel up until the glue melts and then snapping the panel back in place or applying extra glue around the raised panel to secure it.

Via XDA-Developers