Google unveiled its new Nexus 7 tablet just a couple of weeks back and the supply chain in Taiwan is already abuzz about the shipments number for the tablet. According to reports, Google will not be able to ship out the tablet in huge numbers for two reasons: the tablet hasn’t been launched in China and the presence of other 7-inch tablets which have more or less saturated the market.

Up until Google enters the Chinese market, it will not be able to ship out the new Nexus 7 in huge numbers. Google quit China back in 2010 following its fallout with the Chinese government and the heavy handed ways of the communist regime when it comes to openness.

Asus is manufacturing the tablet for Google and it has clearly stated that all those consumers who have bought the Nexus 7 from out of China will be required to shell out fees if they required any after sales support.

Asus has its own tablet shipment targets set of an annual 12 million units. The company has shipped 5.7 million tablets in the first half of 2013. To achieve the target it needs to ship an additional 2.8 million of its own tablets if we consider that Google manages to ship 3.5 million units of Nexus 7.