Samsung has seemingly confirmed through a press release that BlackBerry Messenger is heading to Galaxy devices very soon and the users in Africa will be the first ones to get it.

The press release indicates that users will soon be able to download the app through Google Play Store. The ‘soon’ timeframe doesn’t give help the curiosity of millions of Galaxy users across the globe and the initial release in Africa certainly doesn’t help either. We reported earlier that BBM has entered beta testing phase and some lucky users have already got their invites to start testing the app on Android as well as iOS devices.

Samsung has revealed that it will be integrating the BBM functionality within its Samsung messaging hub but, we are not sure if the interface will be similar to BlackBerry Hub or different. BlackBerry executives had earlier indicated that the messaging app with land on Android and iOS app stores near the end of September but, we are yet to get any real confirmation from either of the companies.

There were reports earlier from our sources within BlackBerry that the BBM Android version will be having a multi-party chat facility alongside note sharing as well as voice messaging. BlackBerry is also likely to tag BlackBerry Groups along with its messaging services allowing users to create groups of up to 30 people to share photos, calendar, files and much more. Considering these features, the cross-platform BBM will most likely resemble other messaging applications like Whatsapp.